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Equinox: Russian Roulette

1 x 50'
A 50 minute Equinox about the deterioration of the early warning system and Nuclear Weapons in Russia.

Equinox: The Elements

1 x 50'
The chemical elements personified by the poet Roger McGough.

Horizon: Nanotopia

1 x 50'
A documentary on optical computing, nanotechnology and the post silicon revolution.

The Tourist Trap

6 x 30'
The prototype of all Reality Shows as we know them today.

Modern Times: DJ

1 x 50'
Modern Times documentary about the DJ phenomenon.

Dogs at War

1 x 30'
Half hour documentary on war dog heroes.

Horizon: The Long Road to the West

1 x 50'
The celebrated East-German optics company, Carl Zeiss Jena, and its struggle to survive the reunification of Germany.

Oil On Canvas

6 x 30'
This series answers everyone’s first questions about the art, craft and science of painting.

The American Experience: Big Dream, Small Screen

1 x 60'
The story of Philo T. Farnsworth, the farm boy who patented electronic television.

Love in the Cold War

1 x 60
The two sons of the US Communist party leader; one brought up in the USSR, the other in the USA.

Why Men Die Younger

1 x 30'
In the UK a man is twice as likely as a woman to die before the age of 65 - this programme explores some explanations.


3 x 50'
Three part series featuring Ken Campbell's investigations into the nature of consciou

Cutting Edge: The Mystery of the Pescado

1 x 50'
A documentary about a Cornish fishing boat which sank in mysterious circumstances.

The Decision Series 1

6 x 60'
People facing agonising medical and ethical decisions

Reality on the Rocks

3 x 50'
Ken Campbell's oddysey to the heart of ultimate meaning in the universe.

Lost Civilisations

15 x 30'
Seven Millennia of history come to life again in 10 ancient civilisations.


6 x 30'
How technology shaped our modern city.

QED: Plastic Fantastic

1 x 30'
A film about a man who invented an incredible material which he doesn't know how to exploit.

Wanted: Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid

1 x 80'
Anthropologist Dr. Clyde Snow hunts down the mortal remains of the legendary outlaws.

Picture This: Playing Out

1 x 30'
The secret world of children.

Horizon: Colonizing Cyberspace

1 x 50'
Enter the "virtual" world created by the latest computer technology.

Red Star in Orbit - The Russian Right Stuff

3 x 50'
The epic story of the Soviet Space Programme.

Measure for Measure

4 x 30'
Four part series on the history of man’s obsession with measuring the world.
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