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1 x 50'
The amazing technical story behind the most audacious bombing raid of WWII.

Africa Unmasked

3 x 50'
Why is Africa such a mess and is there hope for its future?


4 x 50'
The story of an elite force created in the Second World War to combat the enemy by any means necessary.

The Anatomists

The gruesome history of anatomy - from today's 'event anatomist' Gunther von Hagens to the gladiators in Rome.


15 x 30'
Blindfolded and abandoned somewhere in the world: then race to get home with just $100 in your pockets.

The Day The World Took Off

5 x 50'
This landmark series on the origins of the Industrial Revolution challenges traditional views of this dramatic period in history.


3 x 50'
The agony and ecstasy of being 15 years old.

Escape from Colditz

3 x 50'
Allied Officers return to Colditz Castle to retrace the routes of their legendary escapes.

The Curse of the Methuselah Tree

1 x 50'
The story of the oldest living thing on Earth.

Ultimate Guide: The Human Body

All you ever wanted to know about the most amazing machine on the planet - the human body.

The Ultimate Guide: Elephants

1 x 60'
As the name implies - this film leaves no questions unanswered.


1 x 24'
A man with a webcam starts his own show on the net.

Pyromania - Everybody loves Fireworks

1 x 50'
A journey through the history and science of fireworks.

Trust Me

5 x 30'
A psycholgical game show - starring Big Brother's Nasty Nick as the host.


1 x 50'
Bonfires, thieving and love in Halifax- teenagers act out their lives in a West Yorkshire council estate.

The Decision Series 2

6 x 50'
Difficult decisions made by, for and about children in trouble.


3 x 50'
An oral history investigating the increase of drug abuse in the UK from the 1950's to the present day.


4 x 50'
Four one hour documentaries examining the history and development of escape and survival systems.


1 x 120'
Two hour special on the life and lore of the 18th century pirate.

Equinox/Nova: Meningitis - Search for a Cure

1 x 50'
The struggle to develop a vaccine against this elusive killer.

Equinox: Near Miss

1 x50'
Behind the scenes of air traffic control in New York, the world's busiest airspace.

Equinox: The Men with Nine Lives

1 x 50'
The technical war between the IRA and the men who dismantle their bombs.

Equinox: Kaboom!

1 x 50'
A history of man's fear of and fascination with explosions.

Equinox/Nova: The Real Jurassic Park

1 x 50'
How to make a living, breathing dinosaur.
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