Venice Storm Wall

Engineers are building a vast sea barrier that will protect the Venetian lagoon from high tides and prevent the most severe floods

World's Biggest Church

A build taking over 140 years finally nears completion

Arctic Super Bridge

Building the longest suspension bridge within the Arctic Circle

Giant Cruise Ship

Building one of the largest and most advanced cruise ships in the world

Super Stadium

Behind the scenes with the team building the world’s most advanced sports arena

Super Skyscraper

Building on a tiny plot of land in New York scarcely large enough to park a few cars

Super Tunnel

An international team of engineers attempt to build a brand new metro line underneath Copenhagen

The Series

BUILDING GIANTS follows the race to build the world’s next generation of engineering wonders – structures and machines that are more ambitious and more advanced than anything seen before. Eight action-packed episodes track the tension and drama as engineers push technology to its limits, and strive to construct new marvels for the modern age.

Each episode follows the construction of a giant engineering super structure. We get in close with the workers to experience the freezing conditions, vertigo-inducing heights, and mammoth scale of these trail-blazing projects. While spectacular CGI animation reveals the innovative technology that makes these daring structures possible.

The series features some of the most ambitious engineering projects of our time. In Atlanta, Georgia, engineers constructing the world’s most advanced sports stadium must build a vast roof that opens and closes like the iris on a camera. Beneath Copenhagen, four giant boring machines will excavate nineteen miles of tunnels to create the city’s new metro. At a French shipyard, workers assemble one of the largest and most advanced cruise ships ever built. While in Venice, engineers race to construct a five-billion-pound barrier to protect the city from floods.

To speed construction of the world’s largest church – Gaudí’s masterpiece the Sagrada Familia – stonemasons in Barcelona break with tradition and deploy new technology. In New York, developers must find a way to construct one of the city’s tallest buildings on a tiny plot of land. While, in Norway, engineer Dagrunn Kaasen and her team must battle ferocious winds to build the longest suspension bridge in the Arctic Circle.

The series explores what it takes to build the masterpieces of the modern world. We meet the engineers and workers battling to complete these vast super structures on time, and on budget. We see the problems they face and how they solve them. As we follow each project, from concept to completion, we reveal through dramatic CGI animation the ingenious technical solutions that enable engineers to build these giants of our age.

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