Episode 1

Are robots on course to enhance our lives or ultimately threaten our survival?

Episode 2

What it would mean if robots developed consciousness.

The Series

Evolutionary biologist Dr Ben Garrod and electronics engineer Professor Danielle George explore if machines built to enhance our lives could one day become our greatest rivals.

With extraordinary access to the world’s leading robot-makers, they will meet the trailblazing machines - the earliest robot specimens - and their most advanced descendants - to discover where this rapidly emerging ‘species’ is heading, and what that means for all of us.

They track down incredible creations along the way: from Eric the UK’s first robot; Erica, one of the most lifelike robots on earth, who looks unnervingly like a human and increasingly acts like one; Valkyrie a mighty female destined for life on Mars; and the incredible robots created by Boston Dynamics – with hybrid robotic forms inspired by humans, animals and technology.

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2 x 60' for BBC4, Open University