Episode 1 - Tut's Buried Secret

The tomb of Tutankhamun is unique in the Valley of the Kings and historians are desperate to understand why

Episode 2 - Secret History of the Sphinx

An extraordinary new investigation is about to reveal which pharaoh the Sphinx was built for

Episode 3 - Teotihuacan: Curse of the Blood Pyramids

Archaeologists are unearthing dark secrets beneath Mexico’s most mysterious ancient site

Episode 4 - Mystery of Egypt's Mega Temple

How the unstoppable rise of a new religion brought this monumental site to its knees

Episode 5 - Ankor Watt: Lost Temple of the Jungle

Why did the Khmer civilization build this enormous Hindu shrine in the middle of the jungle?

Episode 6 - Stirling Castle: The Hunt for King Arthur's Castle

Stirling Castle in Scotland - one of Europe’s most celebrated forts and the legendary home of King Arthur’s round table

Episode 7 - Ghosts of Stonehenge

Using laser scanning, carbon dating and forensic technologies, archaeologists are finally piecing together the full story of the stones

Episode 8 - Sex Lies and the Taj Mahal

A team of top architects attempt to solve the riddle of the Taj’s towering dome

Episode 9 - Machu Picchu: Hidden City of the Incas

Archaeologists discovered this mountain-top city 100 years ago, but its purpose remains a hotly debated mystery

Episode 10 - Treasures of the Terracotta Army

Historians reveal the dark secrets of a super-tomb built at the birth of China

Episode 11- Lost World of the Colosseum

Archaeologists are using new techniques to solve ancient mysteries about this spectacular ruin

Episode 12 - Lost City of the Desert

Bringing back to life the city’s astonishing monuments

The Series

UNEARTHED returns for an all-new series of active investigations and incredible CGI, revealing fresh insights into the myths and mysteries behind ancient civilizations and the iconic megastructures they built.

Why is the tomb of the boy king Tutankhamun so weird compared to the other tombs in the Valley of the Kings? Why did ancient Mexicans fill their pyramids with hundreds of human bodies at Teotihuacan?  What do millions of tiny mummified cats reveal about the great Sphinx at Giza? How does a giant moat of water keep the world’s largest temple upright at Angkor Wat?

This series explores these and other mysteries. It follows scientists using groundbreaking technology that can ‘see inside’ these ancient wonders to reveal hidden chambers and vaults. Immersive CGI animation pulls them apart - stone by stone - to expose their construction secrets.

The series explores the mysteries of twelve ancient wonders: The Tomb of Tutankhamun, the Great Sphinx at Giza, the Mexican pyramid city of Teotihuacan, the Egyptian temple complex at Karnak,  Cambodia’s Angkor Wat, Scotland’s Stirling Castle, Stonehenge, the Taj Mahal, the Inca city of Machu Picchu, China’s ancient Terracotta Army, Jordon’s secret city of Petra and the Coliseum at Rome

We follow investigators who are working to both preserve and understand these iconic monuments – the architects, archaeologists and scientist who have made it their life’s work to study and protect the buildings they love.  

The series follows scientists using laser scanning to reveal how a flash flood could have saved the tomb of Tutankhamun from grave robbers. It charts Egyptologists using scanning and 3D printing technology to bring hidden objects inside ancient mummies to life.  It also reveals how archaeologists are uncovering just how the lost Mexican civilization of Teotihuacan built vast underground shrines to their Gods and why their great pyramids are filled with hundreds of human skeletons arranged in weird symbolic shapes. 

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