Lecture 1 - Let There be Light!

Chemist Professor Saiful Islam explores a subject that the lectures’ founder – Michael Faraday – addressed in the very first Christmas Lectures – energy

Lecture 2 - People Power

In this lecture he investigates how humans actually use energy, asking whether it’s possible to ‘supercharge’ the human body and increase its performance.

Lecture 3 - Fully Charged

Saiful Islam investigates the chemistry of batteries and tell us what the future of energy has in store for us.

The Series

Supercharged: Fuelling the future

Celebrating 80 years since the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures were first televised, chemist Professor Saiful Islam explores one of humankind’s biggest challenges: how to generate and store energy, with guest appearances from Christmas Lecturers past.

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3 x 60 for BBC4