Episode 1- Supermassive Black Holes

Stunning CGI animation reveals how a black hole is formed

Episode 2 - Extreme Stars

This episode follows scientists investigating some of the earliest stars in the universe

Episode 3 - Hunt for the Big Bang

The Universe contains over a hundred billion galaxies, each containing a hundred billion stars or more. Where did it all come from?

Episode 4 - Jupiter: The Sun's Secret Twin

A planet so bizarre that some scientists now think it almost became a star – our sun’s secret twin.

Episode 5 - Mystery of the Hidden Universe

How much more is there to the Universe than meets the eye?

Episode 6 - Solar System: Hunt for the Missing Planet

Could it be that a missing, giant ninth planet orbits our sun in the dark reaches of space?

The Series

This series reveals worlds never seen before; stunning CGI animation peels back the layers, revealing alien landscapes of erupting volcanoes, roiling plasma seas, jets of energy emanating from black holes, and the missing material that makes up the majority of our universe – cosmological wonders that play a surprising role defining our place in the universe.

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