Episode 1

A unique floating home in an area of outstanding natural beauty

Episode 2

Two couples building their dream floating homes from scratch

Episode 3

A tiny float home for just £7,000 and an eco friendly architect designed home

Episode 4

We follow two Canadian floating homes being built

Episode 5

Building spectacular floating homes in Canada

Episode 6

A wooden floating home and a young couple's starter home on the water

Episode 7

Building dream floating homes in Washington and Vancouver

Episode 7

Susan Dunn

A house owner is determined to make her dream come true and build a stunning floating home using the latest in contemporary design. Susan Dunn has always enjoyed a sporting life on the water in Seattle Washington but now she wants to live on it – and in style!

Harry Janzen and Tina McComb

Harry Janzen and Tina McComb are nature lovers living on Canada's Vancouver Island. They enjoy the outdoors, enjoying spotting wildlife such as deer, eagles and even killer whales. They want to move onto the water full time and find the perfect mooring at Maple Bay Marina on the island’s east coast. Builder David Messier will design them a massive 3 storey wilderness retreat. 

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