Episode 1

A unique floating home in an area of outstanding natural beauty

Episode 2

Two couples building their dream floating homes from scratch

Episode 3

A tiny float home for just £7,000 and an eco friendly architect designed home

Episode 4

We follow two Canadian floating homes being built

Episode 5

Building spectacular floating homes in Canada

Episode 6

A wooden floating home and a young couple's starter home on the water

Episode 7

Building dream floating homes in Washington and Vancouver

Episode 4

Heather Thompson & Aaron Urion

Thirty somethings Aaron and Heather, spend their time sailing in Vancouver harbour looking at the multi-million dollar float homes in downtown marinas. They always thought float home living was an impossible dream but they find a company at Creek Marina who can build them an affordable floating starter home and so they take the plunge.

John and Lorraine Van Tol

John and Lorraine Van Tol often sail on their yacht past the famous float homes of Ladner on Canada’s west coast. They now want to live in one for themselves. They buy the perfect double mooring that can accommodate both a home and their yacht alongside. After meeting with their architect their wish list includes a colossal 3-story layout with sundecks on the upper levels and an attached boat house so they can hop into their yacht whenever they like.  

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