Episode 1

A unique floating home in an area of outstanding natural beauty

Episode 2

Two couples building their dream floating homes from scratch

Episode 3

A tiny float home for just £7,000 and an eco friendly architect designed home

Episode 4

We follow two Canadian floating homes being built

Episode 5

Building spectacular floating homes in Canada

Episode 6

A wooden floating home and a young couple's starter home on the water

Episode 7

Building dream floating homes in Washington and Vancouver

Episode 3

Steve King

Steve King and his friend Rick Keith meet up in Maine every year to restore old boats. Now Steve wants to make Maine his permanent summer home by building his very own tiny float home – all for just £7,000. Using recycled materials, they build a shanty-style houseboat on a catamaran hull. The homemade hulls must be carefully sealed or the houseboat will sink. Working to such a tight budget, the two friends beg favours for cheap materials and luckily even find some cheap windows dumped by the roadside. Completed in just two months, they then must jack it up onto a trailer and take it to the water’s edge. Here is the moment of truth. With no idea whether it will sink or float they watch as it inches into the water. 

Michelle Lanker and Bill Bloxom

Michelle Lanker and Bill Bloxom are outdoor loving environmentalist and they want to make a floating home with as much Eco friendliness as possible.

They get an architect in to realise a breath taking design, with a curved roof covered in grass and solar panels and a huge underwater basement with a viewing window out into the waters of the lake.  We follow builder Bob Little as he struggles to make the viewing window thick enough to withstand the elements. 

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