Episode 1

A unique floating home in an area of outstanding natural beauty

Episode 2

Two couples building their dream floating homes from scratch

Episode 3

A tiny float home for just £7,000 and an eco friendly architect designed home

Episode 4

We follow two Canadian floating homes being built

Episode 5

Building spectacular floating homes in Canada

Episode 6

A wooden floating home and a young couple's starter home on the water

Episode 7

Building dream floating homes in Washington and Vancouver

Episode 2

Dwayne Poyser and Janet Field

Brits Dwayne and Janet are building an experimental oversized houseboat so they can take their home with them anywhere on the vast network of canals that crisscross the UK. Janet and Dwayne have never lived on the water before – nor even driven a boat. So taking the plunge and building their own dream floating home from scratch is a huge challenge. 

Lydia de Boorder and Wout Meppelink

A couple builds a super long floating home deep in the heart of canal country. This water loving couple live on a old steam ship and decide it’s time to modernise. They want a float home to join a small but well-established community of floating homes on a canal, south of the capital Amsterdam in the Netherlands. After meeting with a builder who is an expert in constructing float homes they decide on a wish list for their home, which includes; a raised roof with a 360 sky view, a modern open plan living space and a wraparound deck to enjoy the surrounding countryside. The biggest challenge to design a float home in the Netherlands is to make sure that the structure can make the journey to it’s mooring site. A float home must fit through a network of narrow and shallow canals with tight locks and low bridges. It’s a nail biting experience as Wout and Lydia home makes it way through these waterways.

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for More4
Distributed by Cineflix