Episode 1

A unique floating home in an area of outstanding natural beauty

Episode 2

Two couples building their dream floating homes from scratch

Episode 3

A tiny float home for just £7,000 and an eco friendly architect designed home

Episode 4

We follow two Canadian floating homes being built

Episode 5

Building spectacular floating homes in Canada

Episode 6

A wooden floating home and a young couple's starter home on the water

Episode 7

Building dream floating homes in Washington and Vancouver

The Series

In this series, MARK EVANS charts the exploits of individuals, couples and families who aspire to leave landlocked suburbia behind to live in the ultimate waterside dream home – stunning ‘aquatic homes’ that float on water.

Traditional waterfront properties are hard to come by and expensive. So families who have dreamt for decades of waking up to an un-spoilt river view or watching the sunset over a seascape are now taking the ultimate plunge and commissioning a home that floats on water.

Prices range from around £100,000 for a one bed floating flat, all the way up to $2 million for an aquatic mansion. From San Francisco to Seattle, Vancouver to Holland, the Great Lakes to the River Thames in London – sales of waterborne homes are booming.

Mark follows the drama of each house being built, launched, fitted out and furnished. Building a house on water is a huge challenge - completely different to constructing a conventional home on land.


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