Episode 1

But as work gets under way, welding defects threaten to cause serious delays for Erik’s rig team, and the yards batten down the hatches as they prepare for a potentially deadly typhoon that is heading their way.

Episode 2

The team feels the heat with a marathon paint job as they coat the inside of each of the Tangier’s ballast tanks with over three thousand litres of paint.

Episode 3

Over 600 laborers and the yard’s rescue team must practice for every worker’s worst nightmare, a serious fire in the rig’s metal maze.

Episode 4

Peter and his team face the challenge of shifting the 10,000 ton tanker onto a giant submersible dock, from where it will soon be launched into the water for the very first time.

Episode 5

Across the globe, the Invincible’s sister rig, the Maersk Integrator, embarks on an epic voyage to an oil field in the middle of the North Sea, but it’s not all plain sailing.

Episode 6

Captain Popa and his crew on-board the Tangier must manoeuvre the gigantic ship through busy shipping lanes, and offload the palm oil cargo at different ports along the way.

The Series

In WORLD’S BIGGEST SHIPBUILDERS a dedicated team of designers and engineers strive to build, test and launch three unique maritime machines, including a super tugboat, the world’s largest jack-up oil rig and an ultra-efficient tanker.

Working under extreme conditions, and the tightest of deadlines, the teams toil to complete the three ground breaking builds; getting them ready to access and transport millions of barrels of oil, from the North Sea and beyond.


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6 x 60' for Discovery UK, Discovery US