Episode 1

The drones fly through a forest with a deadly secret, across Britain’s newest piece of land and into the hidden stately pile of an unconventional aristocrat

Episode 2

The drones fly through a village erased from the maps, a supermarket without any customers and a platform in the ocean that claims to be an independent nation.

The Series

We all think we know Britain, but wherever you turn there are places you’re not allowed to see. Places that are hidden from view, their secrets shielded by high walls and heavy gates. No public access allowed. Until now.

This series, presented by Sir Tony Robinson, uses the latest drone technology to see our islands in a completely different way. Tony will dispatch flying cameras to the far reaches of the country, swooping into billionaire’s private estates, snooping on military manoeuvres and going over no entry signs and barbed wire fences.

On this aerial tour of Britain drones will fly into the high security dockyard, where the largest aircraft carriers ever built for the Royal Navy are under construction; Dyson’s top secret research lab, where new products are pushed to their limits and a mysterious cluster of woodland huts which held enough nuclear bombs to destroy whole countries.

They will explore a bunker under a housing estate that Churchill once called home, a chain of secret supermarkets where shoppers are not allowed inside and an ocean fortress where trespassers may be shot.

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2 x 60'
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