Episode 1

Chainsaws, fishing reels, and jukeboxes...

Episode 2

Carwashes, blenders, and bicycle pumps...

Episode 3

Escalators, leaf blowers, and tape measures...

Episode 4

Tennis ball launchers, music boxes, and safes...

Episode 5

Lawn mowers, pinball machines, and padlocks...

Episode 6

Watches, toilets, and yoyos...

Episode 7

Ticket barriers, refrigerators, and electric guitars...

Episode 8

Grass trimmers, sprinklers, and camera lenses...

Episode 9

Paintball guns, floor scrubbers, and ice machines...

Episode 10

Pool tables, boilers, and shopping trollies...

The Series

Have you ever wondered what’s inside the machines you use so often in your daily life? How does a hand-held leaf blower whip up hurricane-force winds? What makes a mechanical watch tick – without a battery? And how does an escalator haul hundreds of people up an incline as steep as mount Fuji? 

This fascinating series uses incredible photo-real CGI to explode machines into their component parts, and reveal the extraordinary hidden workings at their heart. Combined with stunning footage from the factories where these objects are made, this landmark series really uncovers the secrets of How Things Work.

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10 x 60' for Discovery Science, France TV
Distributed by Cineflix