Episode 1 - Under Siege

A journey is put in jeopardy and an ambitious construction project

Episode 2 - Eye of the Storm

Struggling against a snowstorm and a missing man

Episode 3 - Night From Hell

Repairing a damaged stretch of track and an ambitious expedition

Episode 4 - The Dead Zone

Vital radio communications go down and the largest single item ever hauled by the railroad

Episode 5 - Mountain Hell

A massive construction project, repairing a derailed snowplough and building a steam bath...

Episode 6 - Ice Rescue

A disastrous derail leaves track crews stranded and in need of urgent rescue

Episode 7 - Trapped in Ice

Deep ice threatens to smother the track, forcing track workers to resort to a risky solution

Episode 8 - Melt Down

In Alaska the spring thaw puts the railroad into meltdown

Episode 8 - Melt Down

In Alaska the spring thaw puts the railroad into meltdown. With spring fast approaching Bill, George and Davy must transport a bulldozer from Whittier to Fairbanks where it’s urgently needed to tackle river ice jams. When a faulty locomotive wheel leaves the train stalled on the infamous 250 high Hurricane Gulch Bridge the journey looks destined for failure.

On the tracks tempers fray when work crews attempt avoid a washout by melting ice while elsewhere a stranded semi truck shuts down mainline. Offgrid, Roger Bickleman, a stranded rookie homesteader, turns to trains, planes and automobiles in a frantic bid to get back to his dogs who are home alone at his remote cabin. Further up the tracks the Dynes family rely on the railroad as they prepare for spring.

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