Episode 1 - Under Siege

A journey is put in jeopardy and an ambitious construction project

Episode 2 - Eye of the Storm

Struggling against a snowstorm and a missing man

Episode 3 - Night From Hell

Repairing a damaged stretch of track and an ambitious expedition

Episode 4 - The Dead Zone

Vital radio communications go down and the largest single item ever hauled by the railroad

Episode 5 - Mountain Hell

A massive construction project, repairing a derailed snowplough and building a steam bath...

Episode 6 - Ice Rescue

A disastrous derail leaves track crews stranded and in need of urgent rescue

Episode 7 - Trapped in Ice

Deep ice threatens to smother the track, forcing track workers to resort to a risky solution

Episode 8 - Melt Down

In Alaska the spring thaw puts the railroad into meltdown

Episode 6 - Ice Rescue

Tempers flare on the railroad as a heavy train hits problems and track crews deal with a disastrous derail. Tempers flare as Mother Nature and faulty machinery conspire to slow down a freight train. On board the crew battle brake problems and each other as they negotiate some of the most remote stretches of track in Alaska.

Track crews tackling ice and a heavy snowstorm confront their own trials when a disastrous derail leaves them stranded and in need of urgent rescue. Meanwhile off grid couple Taras and Staci Genet avert a fiery disaster when their stove breaks. With no way to heat their cabin and worries about a burn Taras has sustained getting infected they turn to the Alaska Railroad and their own bush knowledge for help. Further into the woods trapper OC has no one else to rely on as he struggles to rescue a boat from the banks of an icy river.

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