The Film

Inside Einstein’s Mind is the story of the most elegant and powerful theory in science: Albert Einstein’s General Relativity. When Albert Einstein presented his formidable theory in November 1915, it turned our understanding of gravity, space and time completely on its head. Over the last 100 years General Relativity has enabled us to trace the origins of the universe to the Big Bang and to appreciate the enormous power of black holes.

To mark the 100th anniversary of general relativity, Inside Einstein’s Mind: The Enigma of Space and Time takes us inside the head of Einstein to witness how his idea evolved, giving us new insights into the birth of a masterpiece that’s become a cornerstone of modern science. This is not as daunting as it sounds – because Einstein liked to think in pictures. The film is a magical visual journey that begins in Einstein’s young mind, follows the thought experiments that gave him stunning insights about the physical world; and ultimately reaches the extremes of modern physics.


Writer, Producer and Director
Executive Producer
Production Manager
Directory of Photography
Junior Production Manager
Production Coordinator
Assistant Producer
1 x 60' for BBC4, NOVA/WGBH