Episode 1 - Bear Attack

Off gridder Ron Hudson and his daughter Ashley face a bear attack

Episode 2 - Mountain Danger

In a remote homestead near Curry, Offgridder Dan Mawhinney is in a race to airlift his stranded snow machine out of the frozen tundra

Episode 3 -Collision Course

Overnight a snow storm has dumped 20 inches of snow on Alaska Railroad’s Anchorage headquarters, threatening to shut down the entire railroad operation

Episode 4 - into the Avalanche Zone

After heavy snowfall in the Chugach Mountains, Railroad section-chief, Bruce Gough is forced to bring out the big guns

Episode 5 - The Big Freeze

The ice storm has also wreaked havoc on the railroad, leaving track crews struggling to keep the trains rolling

Episode 6 - Ice Hell

On the railroad, an arctic storm has pummelled the tracks up and down the line

Episode 7 -A Bridge Too Far

On the railroad an emergency crew battle to clear blocked bridges, to make way for a shipment of military equipment worth two million dollars

Episode 8 - Earth Quake

In central Alaska, a magnitude-4.2 earthquake is causing mayhem on the railroad

Episode 9 - Ice Attack

The entire railroad is on high alert, Freight crew George, Bill and Wanda must race equipment and bulldozers north to protect the tracks from the onslaught

Episode 10 - The Train From Hell

It’s spring in Alaska, and the warm weather brings a new set of challenges for the off grid homesteaders, as they carry out essential repairs and tend their land

Episode 5 - The Big Freeze

Rookie off gridders Steve and Cassie face an emergency when their food supply is threatened by failing equipment, putting them and their 4-month old baby in danger.  In a remote outpost near Curry, Dan Mawhinney’s cabin has taken a battering during the recent freeze. 71 year old Dan now faces a grueling 5 hour hike, exposed to the elements, to replace a broken window.

The ice storm has also wreaked havoc on the railroad, leaving track crews struggling to keep the trains rolling.  Battling frozen switches and fighting to replace sections of rail - they’re under pressure to make the tracks safe for the freight train, But, the freight crew is facing a nightmare scenario of their own when their train jumps the tracks, and derails.