Episode 1 - Torn Apart

The series opens with a special 'as live' episode

Episode 2 - Deadly 50:50

DMC investigates one of the most secretive areas of all magic; the art of Mentalism

Episode 3 - Walking Through Walls

In this episode DMC sets out to explore the most classical form of magic, that of 'grand illusion' and stage magic

Episode 4 - Defying Gravity

DMC explores the legends of magic that take their inspiration from the ancient mystics and fakirs of the Orients and the Far East

Episode 5 - Crossfire

This episode explores on of magic's most powerful techniques; misdirection

Episode 6 - Burning Man

DMC recreates some of magic's greatest illusions that draw upton the dark and viceral worlds of sorcery, witchcraft, and voodoo

Episode 7 - The Sting

Drawing on his own personal journeys in close-up magic and card manipulation, DMC will explore the methods and techniques of deceptive practices

Episode 7 - The Sting

In this episode DMC (Drummond Money Coutts) explores the overlapping worlds of the magician, the gambler and the cheat - worlds rife with control, greed, and high emotion.

DMC explores the techniques they have in common before merging his skills as a cheat and magician in a daring heist, designed to fool his audience and allow him a clean get away.

DMC’s journey begins with his demonstrations of sleight of hand and misdirection, in order to show how both the card cheat and the magician use them to their advantage.

Taking to the streets of central London, for a magical game of dice, he shows how a cheat prefers their skills to remain invisible whereas a magician seeks adulation for theirs, leaving his audience baffled and amazed.

He then creates a multilayered piece of close up card magic, demonstrating how these skills are best performed slowly and naturally – skillfully fusing manipulation and control alongside misdirection.

DMC then travels to Mexico where card playing is still regarded with suspicion due to its association with the once illegal world of gambling. On his arrival DMC dumbfounds spectators with a trick that teaches them that with gambling it’s about knowing when to stop.  He then meets a local card magician and casino boss and learns that despite their recent legalization card play and gambling are still regarded negatively, before testing this notion with a trick that almost causes his audience to assault him!

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