Episode 1 - Torn Apart

The series opens with a special 'as live' episode

Episode 2 - Deadly 50:50

DMC investigates one of the most secretive areas of all magic; the art of Mentalism

Episode 3 - Walking Through Walls

In this episode DMC sets out to explore the most classical form of magic, that of 'grand illusion' and stage magic

Episode 4 - Defying Gravity

DMC explores the legends of magic that take their inspiration from the ancient mystics and fakirs of the Orients and the Far East

Episode 5 - Crossfire

This episode explores on of magic's most powerful techniques; misdirection

Episode 6 - Burning Man

DMC recreates some of magic's greatest illusions that draw upton the dark and viceral worlds of sorcery, witchcraft, and voodoo

Episode 7 - The Sting

Drawing on his own personal journeys in close-up magic and card manipulation, DMC will explore the methods and techniques of deceptive practices

Episode 1 - Torn Apart

In this launch episode DMC (Drummond Money-Coutts) magician, illusionist and card shark, reattempts a major feat of escapology which almost cost him his life two years ago.

This time, however, he recreates it on an epic scale whilst exploring the physical, mental and psychological disciplines required in the dangerous world of Escapology. The episode culminates with the stunt itself, filmed before a live audience. DMC is tethered by two nautical ropes to a pair of accelerating seven-ton trucks and must free himself from a pair of handcuffs, and the ropes binding him to the trucks, before they pull tight and, literally, tear him apart.  

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