Episode 1 - Super Size Surf 'N Turf

This episode explores one of America’s biggest surf ‘n turf restaurants.

Episode 2 - Massive New Mexican

This episode follows the famous ‘Chile’ Twins as they serve up over a thousand of their spiciest dishes.

Episode 3 - Planet Pizza

This episode explores how burgers the size of dinner plates followed by massive 62 inch pizza’s feed a packed Texan crowd.

Episode 4 - King Size Curry House

The Royal Nawaab in Manchester, UK is one of the biggest curry houses in Britain.

Episode 5 - Monster Mardi Gras Mansion

Commander’s Palace, one of the oldest and most iconic restaurants in America is pushed to the limit.

Episode 6 - Cheesecake Castle

Cheesecake fans head to Brooklyn by the thousands for the biggest Cheesecake player in town – the mighty Juniors Restaurant.

Episode 7 - Jumbo Jet Feast

This episode follows the teams at the biggest airline kitchen in the world.

Episode 8 - Fighting Food

One of the biggest US Army bases in the world fights to feed 12,000 hungry soldiers a week.

Episode 9 - Colossal Cruise Ship

In the Caribbean, one of the largest floating kitchens is dishing up fine dining for over three and a half thousand cruise ship passengers.

Episode 10 - Donut Drive Thru

This episode explores a kitchen that makes Donuts so big they use buckets to cut them.

Episode 11 - Mega Truck Stop

Right in the middle of one of America’s largest interstates is the biggest truck stop in the world.

Episode 12 - Vegas Super Hotel

This episode follows the team behind the Bellagio hotel and one of the biggest buffets in the world.

Episode 13 - Vegas Brooklyn Bowl

One of the biggest restaurants in Las Vegas, Brooklyn Bowl, cooks up three thousand plates a night.

Episode 10 - Donut Drive Thru

This episode explores a kitchen that makes Donuts so big they use buckets to cut them, and 300,000 cars a year descend on this king of donut drive thru’s to taste their gargantuan glazed goodness!

Just outside Austin Texas is a drive-thru dishing out doughy delights on an extreme scale – Round Rock Donuts. Serving up five million donuts to over 300,000 vehicles a year, guests are drawn from far and wide for the world famous 14-inch orange glazed titan of the donut world – the ‘Texan’.

Opened in 1926, manager Paul Guderyahn has helped take this business to the next level, employing sixty staff working around the clock to mix one and a half tons of dough a day, bake monster cookies and decorate bespoke specialty cakes.

Today will be the busiest day of the year for manager Paul as his drive-thru is slammed with hundreds of sugar-crazed car fanatics, descending on the town for the annual Hawks Classic Car Show.

It’s critical that customers are not kept waiting long – things get heated as guests become more and more desperate for donuts. Paul is counting on his team to cook up 30,000 donuts and serve one car every 30 seconds today!

Can the Round Rock Donuts kitchen keep the pedal to the metal as they’re pushed to the limit, or will they crash and burn?

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