Episode 1: Great White Shark

Mark explores non lethal ways to keep people - and sharks - safe.

Episode 2: Polar Bear

Mark visits the isolated communities of Hudson Bay that are being terrorised by polar bears.

Episode 3: Crocodile

Mark travels to the croc attack capital of the world.

Episode 2: Polar Bear

Mark travels to the shores of Canada’s Hudson Bay, where polar bears are causing havoc in isolated communities. He arrives in the town of Churchill hours after an attack has left two people seriously injured and a bear dead. He joins the Polar Bear Alert team as they transport a captured bear by helicopter to a release site outside town. In the Inuit town of Arviat, Evans works with wildlife officers to test an aerial drone early warning system, a military grade ultra-loud speaker to deter bears, and a controversial experiment to place meat out on the tundra to keep bears away from town.

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