Episode 1: Your Inner Fish

How our limbs can be traced back to the fins of fish. According to Neil Shubin we are, every one of us, just a jerry-rigged fish.

Episode 2: Your Inner Reptile

How our skin, teeth and acute sense of hearing can be traced back to our reptilian ancestors.

Episode 3: Your Inner Monkey

How walking upright, gripping with our hands, and our excellent colour vision can be traced back to our primate ancestors.

Episode 2: Your Inner Reptile

Neil travels back over 200 million years to a time when our ancestors were reptiles with features that we have inherited today.

Neil reveals how our reptilian past has left its mark on the structure of our skin, the shape of our teeth, and even our ears. The journey takes him from his dentist in Chicago, to the Karoo desert in South Africa, where he uncovers a key moment in our evolutionary past – the transition from reptile to mammal. 

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