Episode 1

The Alaska Railroad is the only lifeline for remote settlers. Rail crews battle brutal conditions to clear an avalanche to deliver supplies off-grid

Episode 2

Roadmaster Hugh Evans races to clear the tracks and get the passenger train through.

Episode 3

A devastating snowstorm blocks the Railroad

Episode 4

A car crash threatens to shut down the Alaskan Railroad – Alaska’s lifeline

Episode 5

Jobs are lost after Brakemen Danny and Animal deliver a $10 million cargo

Episode 6

The big Spring thaw arrives awakening Alaska’s bears from winter hibernation.

Episode 1

The Alaska Railroad’s six hundred and fifty mile track is the only lifeline for off grid settlers living in America’s largest wilderness. An avalanche hits and blocks the track, delaying Brakemen Danny Forsman and Lynn ‘Animal’ Reitz making a crucial delivery of snow removal equipment to Anchorage. Roadmaster Hugh Evans battles freezing temperatures to fix a broken rail and get propane and diesel through to Offgrid settlers before they get frozen in. 

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