Episode 1: Huge Hull

In the South Korean port of Okpo, we meet the international team of engineers

Episode 2: Enormous Engine

We follow the engineers as they build and install this state of the art propulsion system

Episode 3: Command and Control

Building the ships’ eight-story accommodation block and bridge is a surprisingly complex challenge

Episode 4: Colossal Cargo

We follow the team who make sure that every one of the Triple E’s 18,000 containers is up to the job

Episode 5: Launch

With construction nearly complete, the team behind the world’s biggest ship, prepare for the last stage of construction

Episode 6: Setting Sail

The Triple E, finally leaves port to begin her maiden voyage

The Series

Two teams of pioneering shipbuilders, from Denmark and Korea, are joining forces to build a record-breaking ship.

When complete, the Triple-E will be the world’s largest ship. 40% larger than existing cargo ships, it will carry more than 18,000 containers - that’s enough to hold more than 500 million cans of baked beans.

Transporting everything from cars to food and trainers between the world’s busiest port -  Shanghai - to the largest port in Europe – Rotterdam - this wonder of the ocean will change the face of global shipping forever.

The ship builders who will construct this vast vessel have built ships before….but never on this scale and to such a tight deadline.

They have just 19 months to take the ships’ revolutionary design from the drawing board into the open ocean

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