Episode 1: Titanic Train Trek

A team of British engineers attempt to haul two historic A4 Pacific steam locomotives more than five thousand miles

Episode 2: Big Bomber

A team of British engineers attempts to move an historic Canberra jet bomber over 400km

Episode 3: Gigantic Gun

An expert team of heavy haulers attempts to transport a massive World War One artillery gun

Episode 4: Huge Helicopter

A team of engineers race to move a £20 million search and rescue helicopter

Episode 5: Floating Fortresses

A team of engineers attempts to build and haul a titanic town of brand new floating homes 70 miles across the Netherlands

Episode 6: Huge Hovercraft

A team of engineers attempts to build and haul a massive, brand new Search & Rescue Hovercraft

The Series

Imagine the supersize task of trucking two of the most precious steam locomotives across the Atlantic Ocean from North America to the UK….

Imagine the Herculean task of hauling a brand new £20 million Search and Rescue Helicopter 3,500 miles to the Shetland Islands – a dent and lives could be put at risk….

Imagine the challenge of sailing a fleet of floating homes half way acros Holland in the middle of the icy winter with their owners looking on….

These are the kind of daunting challenge facing teams of heavy haulers in the sixth series of the popular engineering series, MONSTER MOVES.

The six-part series returns with some of the most daring and dangerous relocation projects ever attempted. This season, we follow teams hauling a wide variety of structures by road, rail, sea and air across the UK, America, Canada and Holland. This year, the structures, vehicles and machines even bigger and the routes a lot longer and riskier. The stakes for both the haulers - and owners - are much higher.

Executive Producer
Production Manager
6 x 50' for Channel 5
Distributed by Cineflix