The Film

London is burning. German bombs are decimating British homes and the dead lie in heaps. But this Blitz has nothing to do with World War II.

During World War 1, the Germans launched a new kind of terror campaign that rewrote the rules of war. For the first time in history, innocent civilians were bombed in their homes in a ruthless attempt to break a nation’s morale.

The carnage was delivered by a machine straight from the pages of science fiction: the Zeppelin. For 18 months these enormous airships bombed Britain with impunity, while military engineers struggled to find a way to stop them. This little known arms race has left behind a series of mysteries that engineer Hugh Hunt attempts to unravel.

Attack of the Zeppelins is an explosive mix of investigative engineering and vivid action from the past.

Assistant Producer
Production Co-Ordinator
Production Manager
1 x 60 for Channel 4, NOVA/WGBH, NGCI
Distributed by Cineflix