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The egg is one of nature’s most ingenious creations. Now a new series of live Easter programmes on Channel 4, presented by Mark Evans and leading experts, reveals the wonderful – and downright weird – world of eggs for the first time.

From crocodiles to cockroaches, fish to frogs, turtles to termites, sharks to snakes, penguins to preying mantis and spiders to salamanders, 99% of life comes from an egg. The programmes will show amazing imagery of hatching across a wide range of homegrown and exotic eggs from around the world.

Broadcast from a striking, state-of-the-art hatching studio, the programmes will be a TV and science first, exploring the emerging field of embryonic behavior across the animal kingdom and promising startling new insights into animal behavior from the hidden world inside the shell. The egg is a self-contained life-pod for the embryo, packed with all the protein and nutrients they need to grow.

Using the very latest equipment, including powerful scanners and super-sensitive microphones, the programmes will reveal the beginnings of life like never before and show the remarkable, and perilous, journeys animals make as they break out and begin life in the outside world.

Produced by the BAFTA award-winning team that made Inside Nature’s Giants and Foxes Live – Wild in the City, Easter Eggs Live will be a spectacular celebration - live from a specially built hatchery.

Viewers never need to miss a single hatching as live-streams follow the eggs around the clock at

And Mark and his co-presenters, Jimmy Doherty and amphibian enthusiast, Lucy Cooke, along with a range of animal experts will be answering a huge array of questions about eggs sent in on social media, such as: why are eggs egg-shaped, what are the largest and smallest eggs, how do embryos get out of their eggs, how do they breathe inside their eggs and the old chestnut: what came first, the chicken or the egg…?

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