Episode 1: Lottery Lodge

Moving the massive home of a lottery winner.

Episode 2: Titanic Townhouse

A treasured local townhouse is hauled to it's new plot.

Episode 3: Coastal Cruise

A dream home is sailed across the ocean to Union Bay.

Episode 4: Ranch Rescue

A ranch is rescued from a flood plain.

Episode 5: Cliff Collapse

A house is rescued from a crumbing cliff.

Episode 6: Minnesota Mansion

A massive mansion is moved 65 miles.

Episode 7: Ocean Odyssey

A country home is moved 150 miles by sea.

Episode 8: Colossal Church

Moving an ancient church to a family farm.

Episode 9: Country Cottage

A 250 year old cottage crumbling away as it moves.

Episode 10: Rural Ranch

A house is cut in half to be moved to safety.

Episode 11: Family Farmstead

A farmhouse is trucked 76km

Episode 12: Canalside Castle

A massive houseboat is lifted into the water.

Episode 13: Shackless in Seatle

A house moved across a city to make the perfect starter home.

Episode 14: Bigger Bungalow

A 50 year old bungalow is moved across Ottawa

Episode 15: Calgary Colossus

Hauling a craftsman's cottage in Alberta.

Episode 16: Kingsize Cabin

75 tons of house is moved across Sun Valley.

Episode 17: Subterranean Super Home

2 days and 300km to move a house

Episode 18: Military Mission

House moving in torrential rain.

Episode 19: Cross Country Cabin

Will the house make it in one piece across the unforgiving terrain?

Episode 20: Monster Mansion

Will this Monster Mansion survive moving 6 miles?

Episode 21: Rural Retreat

A couple decide to move their home to a secluded spot.

Episode 22: Huge Hacienda

Will this Spanish super-home survive an awkward assault course over land and sea?

Episode 23: Halifax Historic House

A community comes together to save one of the oldest buildings in Halifax from the wrecking ball

Episode 24: Big Beach House

Will the biggest storm of the 21st century dash the Taylor's dreams and perturb the Powells?

Episode 25: Monster Manor House

But will the 100 ton home survive the icy 100km trek through the dead of night?

Episode 26: Huge Homestead

Wade’s House Movers are called upon once again to truck a 50 ton home across the prairies

Episode 17: Subterranean Super Home

Byron and Becky Funk desperately need a new home. With their first baby due in two months, they've found the home of their dreams just in time.  But the large and distinctive split-level house will take 2 days and 300km to move and is guaranteed to make life hard for house hauler Jamie Hudye and his crew. 

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