Countdown to Collision: Airport UK

With 200,000 tonnes of freight passing through it every year, Stansted is one of Europe’s busiest cargo hubs.

Countdown to Collision: Mega Port Rotterdam

With 430 million tons of cargo passing through its harbours every year, Rotterdam Port is the biggest in Europe.

Countdown to Collision: Troll A Norway

Sitting in the North Sea, 65 kilometres off Norway, Troll A is one of the biggest gas platforms in the world.

Countdown to Collision: Mega Dam Brazil

The World’s most powerful hydroelectric dam, Itaipu, lies on the jungle-covered border between Brazil and Paraguay.

Countdown to Collision: Mega Mine Australia

At 600 metres deep and nearly 4 kilometres long, Super Pit is the biggest open mine in Australia.

Countdown to Collision: Arctic Icebreaker

In the Arctic Circle, a highly advanced ship, the Timofey Guzhenko, risks heavy ice and treacherous conditions to reach the world’s Northernmost oil offloading platform.

Countdown to Collision: Sao Paulo Metro - Metro de Sao Paulo

This film follows the hard-pressed team of metro workers as they race against the clock to get everyone to work on time.

Countdown to Collision: Cargo Train

This documentary follows the dynamic team of railway workers as they race against the clock to get the three kilometre-long train to the port on time.

Countdown to Collision: Mega Mine Australia

Producing 4 million dollars of gold a day, it’s one of the biggest gold operations in the world. This film will follow the miners over the course of a week as they blast, crush and process the rock in one of the hottest places on the planet. To meet their target they must overcome a series of critical challenges, using super-sized machinery and ingenious engineering. Beneath the pit, there are 3,500 kilometres of old mine shafts that could give way at any time. We reveal the technology that enables them to shift 150,000 tonnes of rock a day in this dangerous environment: how massive explosions are controlled to prevent flying rocks, how eye-scanning lasers spot tired truck drivers, and how they extract the precious gold from the rock. One by one, we uncover the ingenious inventions that ensure super pit can avert… a COUNTDOWN TO COLLISION.

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