Countdown to Collision

Exploring inventions engineered into some of the world’s biggest super-systems.

The Format

From the extreme heat of an Australian Gold Mine, to the bitter cold of an oil-carrying Russian Icebreaker; from the explosive dangers on a Norwegian Gas Platform, to the mighty power of one of the world’s most powerful Dams in Brazil; from Europe’s busiest shipping port, to one of the UK’s busiest airports – this series explores engineering innovation as it has never been seen before.  

We explore how clever inventions avert disaster in these superstructures as workers race against time to complete a succession of complex missions. These men and women face some of the greatest challenges of their careers as they blast for gold, pump gas from the bottom of the ocean, transfer oil across ice-covered seas and turn around massive container ships and cargo planes.

Shot on three continents, and in some of the toughest conditions on earth, this series takes an inside look at the vast engineering systems that make the modern world work.

Each film explores six or seven key inventions that assist workers complete the tasks before them. With the clocks ticking and deadlines imminent, each innovation is put through its paces – from laser scanners that help pilots park planes, to sensors that detect deadly vibrations in dams, machines that speed through gas pipes checking for faults and cameras that can detect if a driver is falling asleep at the wheel.

Stunning CGI animation explores the inner workings of these amazing innovations while dramatic archive explores the events that led to famous disasters in history. This series follows the workers involved as they battle against time and use these remarkable innovations – trying to avert a COUNTDOWN TO COLLISION.