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The fox ignites passions like no other predator. Vilified as vermin by some and admired for its pluckiness by others, the fox divides public opinion. This live event, broadcast from the wastelands of London’s Battersea Power Station, will launch a nationwide campaign to investigate Britain’s most controversial carnivore. 

We will be asking viewers from across the country to take part in the biggest urban fox census ever attempted. We’ll find out if our cities are being over-run by foxes. Are they becoming increasingly brazen? And are they a danger to our pets and children?

Inside Nature's Giants presenter, Mark Evans, will urge viewers to join the hunt for the urban fox and send in their sightings, pictures, videos, questions to the programme via the Channel 4 website. It’s the first time such a comprehensive multi-city study has been attempted. 

We will be streaming live from several active fox dens across the country on  We’ll see vixens feeding their newly born cubs and young cubs making their first tentative steps into the outside world.

For the first time we will be tracking foxes fitted with GPS collars to chart their clandestine forays into the nigh. In a scientific study with Brighton University we will find out how they interact with humans and pets. We’ll also be putting GPS collars on foxes completing treatment in animal welfare centres before they are released. We’ll find out whether they’re able to survive such close human contact.

There will also be pre-recorded highlights from fox dens and reports of strange encounters with foxes; like the man whose garlic bread was stolen by a fox on his way back from the supermarket and the man who has fallen in love with his pet fox.

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