Massive Moves

A team of movers race against the clock to move monstrous houses

Massive Moves 2

Massive Moves returns for a 2nd season with 26 brand new episodes

The Format

Moving house is one of the most stressful experiences we ever encounter - but can you imagine moving an entire house - fixtures, furniture, walls and roof intact, through a city, over a mountain or across a frozen lake! 

That’s the challenge faced by teams of house movers in each half hour episode of MASSIVE MOVES.  

In every show a team of movers race against the clock to move a monstrous house for a nervous set of homeowners. 

Much is at stake for these families …some want to swap their view of city streets for country hills, while others love their house but want to escape noisy neighbors – but all want to retain their beloved home.

The movers must overcome huge hurdles - over hanging trees, low-slung power lines, weak bridges and high-speed traffic. 

There is high drama, jeopardy and emotion for everyone involved as everyone races to deliver their homes on time.