Futuristic Floating Pod Home

One of a kind floating home a futuristic looking floating pod

Family Narrowboat Home

A couple putting their life savings on the line to make their dream of living on water come true

Modern Barge Home

A state of the art, all mod cons 35 ton, 55 foot Dutch barge

Luxury Island Home

Will enthusiasm and passion be enough to keep their dreams afloat?

Riverboat Restorations

A 1970s narrowboat needing a total refurb - not for the faint hearted!

Traditional Narrowboat

A spanking brand new fifty - eight long semi - cruiser narrowboat complete with all the latest gadgets

Futuristic Caravan Boat

This will be no ordinary caravan - this one will be a towable caravan that floats on water!

First Time Canal Boat Home

A 35 year old narrowboat in need of considerable work for just fourteen thousand pounds!

The Series

My Floating Home is back for its fourth series, presented by Mark Evans, where we follow the exploits and journeys of individuals and families who aspire to achieve and live in the ultimate, waterside dream home.

Whether they are building a boat from scratch, doing up a wreck of a shell or investing in an exclusive state of the art “all mod cons” luxury vessel, we’re there to chart the ups and downs of  the homeowners searching for stunning aquatic homes that float on water. Every episode will follow the challenging drama of each home being converted, built, furnished and ultimately launched  on water, in order to find the perfect floating home.

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