WWII: Secrets From Above Series 2

Tuesdays at 9pm from 26th September


Battle of Britain

From a unique aerial perspective, this is the story of the Battle of Britain

Battle of the Atlantic

The story of the longest military campaign of World War Two

Breakout From Normandy

A brutal fight through enemy territory to take back Nazi-occupied Europe

Operation Market Garden

The Allies launch the most audacious airborne operation in history

Battle for Italy

The battle through Italy to liberate Rome

Battle for Poland

The battle against Hitler’s brutal campaign to wipe Poland off the map

Battle for Italy

September 1943: Operation Avalanche is underway.

The Allies land on the Italian beaches of Salerno in a bid take back Nazi-occupied Europe from the South. To succeed they must fight their way through perilous mountain terrain and heavily fortified enemy territory.

The battle through Italy to liberate Rome will be one of the longest and bloodiest campaigns of the war.

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