Secrets of the Deadly T-Rex

How did the T-Rex become king of the dinosaurs?

Secrets of the Giant Mammoths

Why did the giant ice age mammoth became extinct?

Secrets of the Sabre-Toothed Tiger

Solving the mystery of how the Sabre Tooth Tiger hunted its prey

Secrets of the Terror Whale

How prehistoric land mammals evolved into top ocean predators

Secrets of the Killer Mega Shark

Investigating how the legendary giant megalodon shark took over the oceans

Secrets of the Tasmanian Tiger

Exploring a unique dig site in Australia

The Series

Lost Beasts Unearthed combines unique access to real-time palaeontology investigations, pioneering technology and explosive CGI animations to unlock the mysteries of the biggest beasts ever to have lived on our planet.

From deadly T-Rex’s to giant woolly mammoths and terrifying sabre-tooth tigers to ancient sea-monsters. New evidence reveals how these giants evolved to conquer the planet, how they grew so big, how they hunted, what they ate, how they fought and what triggered their extinction.

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6 x 60' for SBS