Unique aerial views reveal the Mediterranean from a brand-new perspective

Spanish Islands

An aerial view reveals the stunning landscapes of the Spanish Islands like never before

British Islands

Unique aerial photography reveals the British Islands, a unique way of life


Unique aerial photography reveals the Benelux, a vibrant European space


An aerial view over the Alps region reveals a solar panel engineering feat, a hot air balloon festival and a flight alongside the Northern Bald Ibis


Unique aerial photography gives a brand-new perspective of the Nordic region


This spectacular aerial voyage shows us the Benelux region from a breath-taking perspective. Flying cameras reveal the exquisite colours of a giant flower carpet coming to life in Brussels, capture the complex cargo operations at the port of Antwerp-Bruges, discover how the world’s biggest storm barrier operates, and soar along as the World’s biggest kite takes to the skies.

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for Nat Geo UK