Unique aerial views reveal the Mediterranean from a brand-new perspective

Spanish Islands

An aerial view reveals the stunning landscapes of the Spanish Islands like never before

British Islands

Unique aerial photography reveals the British Islands, a unique way of life


Unique aerial photography reveals the Benelux, a vibrant European space


An aerial view over the Alps region reveals a solar panel engineering feat, a hot air balloon festival and a flight alongside the Northern Bald Ibis


Unique aerial photography gives a brand-new perspective of the Nordic region

British Islands

This one-of-a-kind aerial journey will show us a unique view of Great Britain, few have seen before. Our cameras will follow a postal boat journeying across the Isles of Scilly’s emerald waters on its daily postal run, reveal a vibrant battle of flowers on Jersey, capture life with no cars on the Isle of Sark, and gaze upon a spectacular Viking fire festival on the Shetland that lights up the winter skies.

Producer & Director
Assistant Producer
for Nat Geo UK