Unique aerial views reveal the Mediterranean from a brand-new perspective

Spanish Islands

An aerial view reveals the stunning landscapes of the Spanish Islands like never before

British Islands

Unique aerial photography reveals the British Islands, a unique way of life


Unique aerial photography reveals the Benelux, a vibrant European space


An aerial view over the Alps region reveals a solar panel engineering feat, a hot air balloon festival and a flight alongside the Northern Bald Ibis


Unique aerial photography gives a brand-new perspective of the Nordic region


This spectacular aerial tour reveals the Mediterranean region as it has never been seen before.  Flying cameras uncover the mesmerising symmetry of Italy’s iconic beach umbrellas, and soar over Croatia’s loneliest lighthouse.  We’ll take a look at Spain’s unique ‘human tower’ tradition, and witness the transformation of Malta’s capital, as the city counts down the days until Christmas.

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for Nat Geo UK