Longevity - The 150 Year Life

Would you like to live to 150? A scientific revolution has begun.

OK Computer How Do I Feel?

Can artificial intelligence read emotions better than a human?

Weaponising Data

Could the death of privacy make us all safer?

Can Nuclear Fusion Power the Future?

It’s the holy grail for clean energy. Can nuclear fusion come soon enough?

AI and Social Inclusion

Can revolutionary technology transform the lives of millions of disabled people?

Can We Really Rewild the Planet

Hannah explores how we might heal the environmental wounds on our planet

Weaponising Data

The threats in the digital world are growing.  As we increasingly live our lives on the internet, even the tiniest details can be exploited and weaponized against us.

Hannah explores the latest artificial intelligence to figure out if the death of privacy could leave us exposed to greater threats. Or whether a revolution in online investigative techniques could actually make our societies safer.

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