Mystery of Egypt's First True Pyramid

Experts venture inside its magnificent chambers, and use stunning CGI reconstruction, to reveal the lengths one Pharaoh goes to, to achieve a perfect tomb

Pompeii's Mysterious Twin: Secrets of Oplontis

The eruption that devastated Pompeii also took another victim: the town of Oplontis

Rome's Secret Buried Palace: Revealed

Experts use stunning CGI and brand-new investigations to uncover fresh information about this engineering masterpiece

Lost World of the Sumerian Kings

Archaeologists can investigate the legendary metropolis to reveal the truth about Kish’s powerful kings

Rise of Egypt's Sun Kings

Unearthing the surprising story of Egypt’s Sun Cult Pharaohs

Nimrud: Secrets Revealed

Archaeologists return to salvage what they can from the wreckage of the ancient city

Rise of Egypt's Sun Kings

The great necropolis of Abusir hosts megastructures unlike any found in Egypt before: gleaming white Sun Temples. Closed to the public for decades, now investigators have rare access to explore these ruins - and the tombs alongside them - to unearth the surprising story of Egypt’s Sun Cult Pharaohs.

Stunning CGI reconstructs the pyramids and sun temples to their former glory, and unearths shocking discoveries of ritual sacrifice beneath the sands.

Can a team of Egyptologists uncover clues that identify Egypt’s mysterious ‘Sun Kings’? And are lavish officials’ tombs evidence of an uprising against them, threatening their supremacy?

Experts decode inscriptions, climb deep into tombs, and hunt for the secret location the ancient Egyptians believed to be the birth-place of the Sun, to uncover a Sun Cult dynasty that changed Egypt forever. 

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