Dead Body

Professor Sue Black is joined by Emilia Fox to tell the life story of a 1000-year-old skeleton

Missing Body

The Professor works with a leading detective and other forensic experts to investigate a mysterious crime scene

Living Body

Leading King's Counsel and other experts join Professor Sue Black to show how forensic evidence is interrogated in a court

Living Body

The final lectures begins with a ‘heist’.  A jewel thief steals a precious man-made diamond from the Royal Institution’s collection.  Can forensic evidence conclusively identify and convict the criminal responsible?

To find out the Royal Institution’s lecture theatre is transformed into a courtroom and the audience act as a jury on the case, with a special guest KC invited to defend the suspect.  Forensic evidence is based on probability, it can never be 100% certain, so how convincing does the evidence need to be for the Court of the Royal Institution’s own jury to reach a guilty verdict?

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