Dead Body

Professor Sue Black is joined by Emilia Fox to tell the life story of a 1000-year-old skeleton

Missing Body

The Professor works with a leading detective and other forensic experts to investigate a mysterious crime scene

Living Body

Leading King's Counsel and other experts join Professor Sue Black to show how forensic evidence is interrogated in a court

Missing Body

Professor Sue Black reveals how forensic investigation are carried out to solve serious crimes where no body is present.  A Senior Investigative Office from Hertfordshire Police joins Sue to Investigate.


In the lecture the audience plot the course of the crime by analysing the distribution of fingerprints across the crime scene.  The latest forensic cameras reveal hidden fingerprints and other trace evidence.  DNA analysis reveals that genealogical websites hold more insights for criminal investigations than we might imagine.  And a sniffer dog hunts for clues.

for BBC4