The Road to D-Day

The extraordinary build up to D-Day told from a unique perspective

Hitler's Vengeance Weapons

The Allies race to stop Hitler before he rains down terror from above


Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin launches an all-out attack on Nazi Germany


Allied aircrews attempt one of the most daring audacious missions of WWII

Battle of the Bulge

The extraordinary story of Hitler’s all-out assault on the Western front


The Allies are surrounded by Hitler’s army at Dunkirk. Can they escape?


May 1940 - 400,000 Allied troops are surrounded by Hitler’s marauding army on the beaches of Dunkirk. Deep in the tunnels under Dover Castle, the Royal Navy plans a rescue mission. As the troops are targeted by Luftwaffe fighter planes and with the Nazi noose tightening, can the Allied soldiers escape to Britain to continue the fight? Success or failure could decide the outcome of the war.

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