Extreme Escapes

In this episode we explore hotels in Cambodia, Italy, Wales, Sweden and England – from jungle retreats to converted caves

Remote Hideaways

In this episode we explore some unique hotels in Jordan, England, Sweden and Ecuador

Hidden Escapes

In this episode we explore some unique and unusual hotels

Invisible Hideaways

From a camouflaged fort- like resort perched on the edge of a mountain, to mainland Britain’s most isolated hotel

Hilltop Escapes

In this episode we travel to the Scottish wilderness, the Welsh mountains, a tower in Greece and a hotel perched on a glacier in Italy

Hidden Retreats

In this episode we uncover some truly remarkable and hidden retreats in Canada, Iceland, Sweden and the UK

Remote Hideaways

In Jordan we find out what it’s like to stay deep in the desert sleeping underneath the stars at the Bubble Luxotel Wadi Rum resort – a remote and unusual series of transparent “bubble” tents which look more like a cluster of space craft on Mars than luxury desert accommodation.

In Norfolk, England, we visit an unusual two hundred year old building, known as Cley Windmill. It’s a structure often overlooked and not known by many as a ten roomed luxury hotel in a remote and secluded part of the English countryside.

In Sweden, we visit the Jumbo Stay Hotel – the first 747 hotel in the world.

In South America we explore a hotel so remote, that getting supplies and groceries only occurs three times a month.