Extreme Escapes

In this episode we explore hotels in Cambodia, Italy, Wales, Sweden and England – from jungle retreats to converted caves

Remote Hideaways

In this episode we explore some unique hotels in Jordan, England, Sweden and Ecuador

Hidden Escapes

In this episode we explore some unique and unusual hotels

Invisible Hideaways

From a camouflaged fort- like resort perched on the edge of a mountain, to mainland Britain’s most isolated hotel

Hilltop Escapes

In this episode we travel to the Scottish wilderness, the Welsh mountains, a tower in Greece and a hotel perched on a glacier in Italy

Hidden Retreats

In this episode we uncover some truly remarkable and hidden retreats in Canada, Iceland, Sweden and the UK

Extreme Escapes

In Cambodia we venture to the banks of the Timor Rung River to the Shinta Mani Wild Hotel.   A series of 15 tents deep in the wilderness and accessible only after a 3 hour drive from Phnom Penh, access is via a 400 metre zip wire that lands guests in this unique hotel. 

In Italy we visit an ancient clifftop settlement that is thought to be one of the oldest continuously inhabited places on earth, and it’s here that we discover our secret hotel - hewn into the limestone rocks - The Sextantio Le Grotte della Civita Hotel. 

In Wales we visit two very unique and camouflaged sites steeped in history:

In Caerwenfor’  - we uncover the The Clifftop Holiday Lodge, a stone cottage that is sunk into cliffs formed more than 500 million years ago. 

In Swedish Lapland we venture to Harads a remote village surrounded by forests and  nature to spot The Tree Hotel. 

In England we visit South Devon, known as ‘The English Riviera’ and discover, on a secluded island 250 metres off shore – The Burgh Island Hotel.