Extreme Escapes

In this episode we explore hotels in Cambodia, Italy, Wales, Sweden and England – from jungle retreats to converted caves

Remote Hideaways

In this episode we explore some unique hotels in Jordan, England, Sweden and Ecuador

Hidden Escapes

In this episode we explore some unique and unusual hotels

Invisible Hideaways

From a camouflaged fort- like resort perched on the edge of a mountain, to mainland Britain’s most isolated hotel

Hilltop Escapes

In this episode we travel to the Scottish wilderness, the Welsh mountains, a tower in Greece and a hotel perched on a glacier in Italy

Hidden Retreats

In this episode we uncover some truly remarkable and hidden retreats in Canada, Iceland, Sweden and the UK

The Series

In this six part series we discover some of the world’s most unique and exciting places to stay. From dessert to sea we look at hotels located in the most surprising locations.

We uncover what it takes to manage these places and exactly what is involved in running these hotels day to day, round the clock - from catering to housekeeping, interiors to conservation, we speak to the essential key workers and delve into all aspects of their daily lives. We see how they maintain these interesting places to stay -  whether they’re  boutique bijoux  snug one bedroomed cottages, or sprawling huge  luxury resorts. We find out from the visitors opting to stay there what it’s like to be the only guests for miles around, we talk to the owners and architects about the difficulties of building these structures and with the use of innovative, ingenious CGI graphics we show the complexities and challenges of building hotels in such remote and secret parts of the world.


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