Rise of the Khmer

Could a huge jungle pyramid also expose the makings of a mysterious cult?

Fight for Survival

Revealing the truth behind the awesome power of the Khmer military

The Series

Archaeologists scan the jungles of Southeast Asia to uncover the rise and fall of the medieval Khmer empire.

Laser surveys lead the team to undiscovered jungle temples. A dirt bike mission to a mountain city holds clues to the origins of the empire and in Laos, ground penetrating radar reveals how kings take new territory. The team use drones to explore one of the world’s largest ancient water systems. Monsoon floods threaten the hunt for a lost mega-quarry. While hidden battle carvings and traces of a colossal iron industry reveal the truth behind the awesome power of the Khmer military.

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2 x 60' for Channel 4, Discovery UK, France 5, SBS