Hidden Secrets of Pompeii

New digs in - and beneath - Pompeii reveal secrets of life and death here

Rome's Sunken Secrets

Archaeologists find traces of a sea-battle that transformed Ancient Rome

Secrets of the Colosseum

Archaeologists reveal how the Colosseum came to symbolise the might of Rome

Nero's Lost Palace

Archaeologists investigate the fate of Nero and his buried Golden Palace

Secrets of Rome's Great Wall

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Pompeii's Lost Twin: Herculaneum

Experts investigate the grisly skeletons and dark secrets of Herculaneum

Nero's Lost Palace

Buried beneath Rome lies a forgotten treasure: the Golden House - a vast palace built in the first century AD. It was the most extravagant construction in the history of Rome.  Why was it buried? And what can its fate reveal about its builder – Rome’s most notorious emperor – Nero? As experts race to save the remains of the Golden House, archaeologists uncover new clues to its fate and its connection to Nero’s reputation.

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